Yesung’s Project For SS4 Indonesia ^^

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A simple love from Indonesia for “our Precious Prince Kim Jongwoon”

We are here to unite all Indonesian CLOUD and ELF to show how much we love Yesung by giving support projects called “Indonesia Love Yesung” that would be presented at Super Show 4 Jakarta on 28-29 April 2012.

Project details:

1.Big Banner

The banner will be hung up during the concert on 28-29 April 2012 inside the MEIS stadium. We will show Yesung that Indonesian CLOUD and ELF are also there to support him. We will make it big enough and put a special message to Yesung “설령 온 세상이 당신에게 등돌린다 해도 우리는 당신을 위해 항상 여기에 있을 거예요 (Even The Whole World Betray You Someday, We Are Here For You Always..)”. There will be a sign heart with Yesung’s picture.

2.Yesung SOLO supports

Yesung SOLO support will be different for each concert day.

SOLO ProJect for 27th April 2012

Sticker Handbanner “Yesung is The Only One”

These 4.000 banners will be handed out in the Junior VIP I , J, L seats; Super VIP seats; Super Box C & D. Everyone shall hold up during Yesung’s SOLO only. The banners will be printed out in black-pink cute sticker form and will be designed with a cute singing-cloud and WHYSTYLE logo..Let’s scream (>̯┌┐<) Yesung you are the only one..YESUNG ONLY..♡

SOLO Project for 28th April 2012:Ø

Hand banner “White Love from Clouds”

These 5.000 banners will be handed out in the Junior VIP I , J, L seats; Super VIP seats; Super Festival F & G; Super Box C & D. Everyone shall hold up during Yesung’s SOLO only. We will make the banner in heart form with white color. “♥ 예성” will be written on it. We will cover up MEIS with pure white love ♡.

SOLO Project for 29th April 2012:Ø

Flag “Being stylish with WHYSTYLE”

Yes, this is flag! A Yesung’s flag! We will show our support to Yesung for WHYSTYLE. The flag will be designed with cute cloud wearing stylish glasses and printed with orange color. We will make an orange ocean in MEIS. Everyone shall flap this flag during Yesung’s SOLO for the second day. As the first day project, these 5.000 flags will be handed out on Junior VIP I, J, K, M, N seats, Super Festival F & G, Super Box C & D, Super VIP seats, Super Sky seats, dan Junior Sky seats.

3. Donation.

We are opening a donation to make this project successful.
Feel free to give any amounts of donation; but please do NOT less than Rp. 10,000.
The donation will be closed on 25th April 2012.

Indonesian Fans:
– Transfer the donation either to:

o BCA:
Name: Riswandayani O
Account no.: 514 035 47 69

o Mandiri:
Name: Irma Pratiwi
Account no.: 119 000 488 27 24

Overseas Fans:
– You can send the donation by Paypal to (so sorry we’ve closed the donation for overseas fans)

Once you have transfer the money, please send us an email to and write YSINA Donation as the subject.

Send your transfer details:

o Name: (with what name did you send the money)
o Twitter:
o Transfer details: (your account number)
o Date of transfer:
o Bank: (to which bank did you transfer the money [BCA/Mandiri])
o Amount of your donation

We’re so sorry if the project can’t reach all section at SS4 INA, but for everyone who had donated,you may have one of our handbanner or flag ^^. We are hoping your participation for this project. We are really thankful for everyone helps and support to make these projects successful.

Supported fan-bases:
– @sujunesia
– @elfINA4GDA
– @CloudsINA
– @clouds_world
– @Ddangkomalogy
– @WeLoveYeWon
– @Yesung_Cloud
– @Yedom_
– @YesungSJFacts
– @ELF_INAunited

One thought on “Yesung’s Project For SS4 Indonesia ^^

  1. Yahhh ak tlatt, klo ad lgi tolong kbarin y,
    Everythings for yesung, ak relaaa,
    Oy, add me donk, in email
    Gomawo min ^o^

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