120707 MBC Music Core ‘Sexy,Free & Single’ Comeback Stage & Yesung’s Story at Mucore

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120707 yesung dan member super junior lainnya memulai comeback stage nya di acara Music Core!! Ehm, mau tau ada hal apa aja yang berkaitan ma yesung selama di Music Core…. ??

Here it is…. ^^

-Yesung – Kyu- : Kyu sempat mengatakan ke yesung, kalo dia pake kacamata Whystyle, maka dia minta diskon
(cr: ELF_thoughts)

-Yesung – Teuk- : The boys were lively and joking today. Teuk was looking somewhere, yesung kept trying to peep but gave up
(cr:  lovechokyulate)

-Yesung – Hyuk- : Yesung hugged teuk’s neck dragged him around while Kyu was pretending to kick. Ye ordered Hyuk around
(cr: sjissj)

-Yesung – Hyuk- : Yesung was talking about Hyuks bright shoes and then Kyu looked at Yeye and was like… Y style? (to his glasses) and yeye was like.
(cr: sjissj)


video source :  // Youtube
Shared by ana (for CloudsINA and https://indonesianclouds.wordpress.com)

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