120714 Yesung’s Story at Mucore 6th Album Comeback Stage (Pre Recording)

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Ngapain lagi ya yesung hari ini…?? kita intip ceritanya waktu pre recording yuk… ^^

1. Yesung was very playful today. He poked Eunhyuk, poked Donghae, and backhugged Kyuhyun (cr: woonbar)

2. While waiting on stage yesung put his hands on wookie’s shoulders & leaned forward♥ then pointed to his stomach & wookie checked himself (cr: sjissj)

3. Sungmin and yesung collapse after last tape. The are looked so tired (cr: WorldWideELFs)

4. Yesung sempet ngelamun pada saat recording… *kebiasaan* (cr:  himurahimeko)

5. Yesung pushed Hyukjae before rehearsal *usilnya ga ketulungan nih abang* (cr: gecktingivy)

6. When Eunhyuk starts talking, Yesung pokes him and when Donghae talks, Yesung also pokes him *hobi banget sih mukul anak orang k k k* (cr: woonbar)

7. Kyu didn’t wanna hides with the other members so that Yesung hugged him *mau dunk* (cr: woonbar)

8. End – the boys bent over showing how tired they were.. But then you notice someone’s butt still facing the audience for a long time… yeyeㅋㅋㅋ *aduh jgn malu2in deh bang yeye* (cr: worldwideelfs)


Photo by 13elieveSG
Reshared by ana (for CloudsINA and https://indonesianclouds.wordpress.com)

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