120719 Enewsworld Article – Who Wore it Better: Super Junior’s Yesung or Kangin?

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Ehm…. pada tgl 18 July, yesung sempet update di twitter bareng Kangin… nah gara-gara ntu, foto yesung bareng kangin jadi salah satu topik artikel yang dimuat oleh enewsworld ^^

” Super Junior’s Yesung and Kangin have become four-eyes.

Yesung tweeted new photos on July 18, writing, “A picture after a long while with Y Style glasses.”

Included were four pictures of Yesung and Kangin. In two cuts, Yesung dons black-rimmed glasses while making different faces. Another picture shows a self picture taken by Kangin, also sporting black-rimmed glasses, while looking serious.

A final image shows Kangin and Yesung together flashing victory signs. ”


Trus salah satu netizen mengomentari:

“It’s my boys!”, “Come out on variety shows too” and “So handsome both of you.”


source: enewsworld
Reshared and posted by ana (for CloudsINA and https://indonesianclouds.wordpress.com)

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