Yesung’s Twitter Update (Congrats)

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Yesung’s Twitter Replied Boxjoon’s tweet 1 Sept 2012 8.24 pm WIB…

“@shfly3424: 형네랑저희랑 2배차이 ㅎㅎ 축하해욧~ RT @boxjoon: 아! 오늘이 유리상자 데뷔 15주년 되는 날이군요.. 생각 못하고 있었는데.. 감사합니다~ 근데.. 15년밖에 안됐나요? 아직 신인가수네.. ㅋㅋ”


“@shfly3424: Hyungs’s debut years is twice as long as oursㅎㅎ Congratz~ RT @/boxjoon: Ah! Today is 15th debut anniversary of Yurisangja(Glass box).. I hasn’t thought about it.. Thank you~ But.. It was just 15 years? Oh we’re still rookies.. ㅋㅋ”

trans by jinnmeow


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