120912 Super Junior ‘Long-Term Idol Stars”

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Who knew that Super Junior will become the main representative K-Pop? When the 13 member idol group first debuted, there weren’t very many people who believed Super Junior would succeed. They received a lot of media coverage just because of the fact that they were a group from SM Entertainment. However, there were too many of them in a single group and most of them were pretty old to be idol group members. Some even thought that they were just a group of random trainees who were thrown into the sharks as a test. Even their name, Super Junior seemed to lack in originality.

Regardless of those doubts, these men fought through the laughter and became the best male idol group of K-Pop. Like all idol groups that debut, Super Junior experienced a lot of hardships but made it through strong without any serious problems. Even though they received a lot of help from SM Entertainment, the efforts of each member was the greatest factor in their success. To find out about their secret to success, the members of Super Junior were interviewed.

When they were asked to explain how they were able to become the best male idol group, Eunhyuk stated, “I think it’s because we’re good looking” and joked around. Leeteuk then added, “We are always grateful for the unbelievable amount of love we receive from our fans. When we are called Hallyu stars, a lot of our foreign fans felt distant from us but we always want to approach our fans with love and care. I think we’re very popular because our music is global.”

Soon after their Korean debut in Korea, Super Junior began their promotional activities in foreign countries in addition to their schedule in Korea. In 2006, Super Junior went to the music market in Thailand, and then headed over to Taiwan as well as other countries in eastern Asia to eventually become today’s best male idol group of K-Pop. In Taiwan, Super Junior remained in first place for approximately 100 weeks with “Bonamana” and “Mr. Simple.”

Leeteuk continued, “I think K-Pop grew and matured with Super Junior. Honestly, when we first went to foreign countries, the word ‘K-Pop’ didn’t even exist. Once we started getting big, the word ‘K-Pop’ was created. We take pride in being responsible for the growth of K-Pop.”

Super Junior’s pride is not arrogance. Super Junior has reasons to feel that way because of their influence in K-Pop and its fans in Hallyu. Parodies of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” has been created by fans in countless nations around the world, not to mention their concert in Japan that sold out within minutes after they went on sale.

Yesung stated, “When we perform with foreign artists, they all say things like ‘It feels like we’re guests at Super Junior’s concert.’ Honestly, there are no other groups who are more popular than we are in East Asia.”

Super Junior didn’t forget to be modest and gave the honor to the artists who came before them that helped them become successful. Members exclaimed, “According to TVXQ, it was very hard to go abroad in 2000. The reason we were able to be so successful in East Asia is because of the artists who made it easier for us to go abroad. They opened many doors for us and we were able to become this successful because our timing was right.”

Without a doubt, each member of Super Junior played a big role in leading their group to success. Since there were so members, it was more difficult for them to dance and sing in sync with one another. Even with the difficulties they must have faced while getting all the members together in one room and looking at the same thing at the same time, they were always perfectly in sync with each other on stage.

Siwon revealed, “The members argued a lot. Some arguments even led to fist fights since we’re all guys but every single member doesn’t like making others uncomfortable so we always solved everything quickly. Now all the members are closer than family.”

Since the members are so close, it was inevitable for their family members to become close as well. When they have concerts overseas, the parents of the Super Junior members travel to the country and watch the concert together. One time, the members didn’t tell their parents about a bonus they received but one member who didn’t know told his parents, which meant that all the parents found out about their bonuses since the parents all communicate with one another.

Even though they are at the top of their game, their efforts won’t stop here. East Asia is where idol groups gain more skills and experience and Super Junior members are getting older as time passes. There’s no such thing as a constant best in the entertainment industry, which is the reason why Super Junior is constantly working hard. Regardless of their success, each member has additional schedules appearing on TV programs and being part of musicals.

Leeteuk commented, “The present is here because there was a past. We have to work hard without a doubt. The reason Super Junior is so well known is not only because of our music but because of our appearances in variety shows. Just because we gained popularity we can’t always try to look cool and handsome. We’re not looking for a 3 to 4 year career but a 10 to 20 year career.”

Leeteuk continued, “We have to try harder. We want to become Korea’s representative idol group. We want to continue like that for 10 to 20 years.”

When Super Junior was asked what they plan to do for their international schedules, the members gave a very thoughtful answer. Leeteuk stated, “Asia’s number 1 becomes the World’s number 1 these days. We’re not concerned about going to the United States or Europe but want to focus on becoming Asia’s number 1. Then we will eventually become world’s number 1.”

Super Junior members also mentioned that they are open to performing in South America and North America, as well as areas in the Middle East. They even added that they want to perform in Africa as well.

Super Junior concluded, “We want to be the faces that represent Korea as well as the group of musicians that represent Korea. We want to continue striving to go further without stopping. Super Junior will become a group that never stops trying.”

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