[Fanaccount] 121020 Yesung at Super Junior 7th Anniversary Party

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Ga kerasa… udah 7 tahun Super Junior berkarya di blantika musik korea dan dunia… meski bukan tepat di hari jadi mereka yg ke7 tapi pesta di tanggal 20 Okt ni sangat berkesan buat 4000 ELF yang berkesempatan hadir di acara tersebut!

Yesung’s Talked:

“Truthfully it hasnt been a long time since we ended our promotions, our members and i misses the fans a lot. everynight we couldnt sleep because we are thinking of the fans” (cr: _YEISM)

“Without teuk hyung, there will be a huge space left empty. like how teuk always goes by doing his work, will do the same” (cr: _YEISM)

“Now I’m becoming the oldest hyung, Teukie hyung is like the youngest dongsaeng, but I am the next batter. It’ll feel like a bigger empty spot. I have always supported hyung, I will work hard to follow hyung’s back. In army too.” (cr: korelf_b)

*Raut wajah yesung berubah seketika pas ngomong ttg army* (cr: _YEISM)

 “I have the best variety sense” *iye aje deh bang lol* (cr: korelf_b)

“I know all the flags on the cake” *eh maksudnya bang??* (cr: _YEISM)

To Kyu “We are not handsome?” | Kyu: We don’t need to be handsome, WE HAVE THE CHARM!” *Ohehehe* (cr: KyuBiased)

~Other Fanaccount~

Hyuk wants yesung in his not goodlooking team so badly. yesung cant understand why he is not gd looking.. (cr: _YEISM)

“Now basketball!! Yesung said he played basketball for 3-4 years lol. He took off his jacket” (cr: @crappycrab39)

*cr: RWluv1*

see this : [Compilations] 121020 Super Junior 7th Anniversary Party


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