[Fanaccount] 121119 KRY Winter Concert in Japan – Day 1

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[honeydewname] Yesung sang Leeteuk’s part in From U. And at the end, he said “always thank you, I love you” in Japanese.

[honeydewname] Yesung said : “Ogenkidesuka! I’m Yesung.” HAHAHA

[honeydewname] Yesung: Among these 3 members, aren’t I look the youngest? My hair is blondetoo! Fans: Huh?! Yesung…

[honeydewname] They sang a Christmas song. Yesung and Ryeowook were posing cutely. Kyuhyun also did it but it looked weird. lol

[himurahimeko] YS: I’m going to be 30 soon… RW: Ajusshi KH: Ojisan LOL

[woonxian] yesung talked about going to army soon at KRY concert TT

[花花镜子kaeru]K yuhyun and Yesung did rap today

[hyukarmpits] kry con – wook “yesung please play the piano !” yesung “no its ryeowook’s job” THEN THEY HUGGED YEWOOK HUGGED OMG

[Oki_Karun] Yesung has been showed up on the screen so many times, he glare at camera and pointed at audience

[wwmisa] Yesung sang ” I wish your merry Christmas” to Kyu, with watching his eyes and pointed him~~ YeKyu

[honeydewname] Kyuhyun & Yesung sang a duet. Ryeowook played the piano

[yukatty2064] Yesung & Ryeowook hugged & Ryeowook touched Yesung’s Hip


photo by bunny0904
posted by ana for CloudsINA



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