[Fanaccount] 121121 KRY Winter Concert in Japan – Day 3

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Yesung try to hold Kyu tight and going to KISS!! During butter sweet !!!!!!

Even KH YS left the stage, wook stayed stage, and played piano!!!!

ELF made a blue wave like SS4 Tokyo Dome before encore !

Iit’s not only KyuSung, YeWook, …… There r so many KRY moments! The hugged each other at the end!!!!

Not only KyuSung, they imitating kissing their cheek each other during bitter sweet! But only Ye closed to Kyu’s LIPS!!!

Yesung cut “first love” and sang FULL of it has to be you in stead today! Cuz ye felt ELF likely want to listen to IHTBU more.

Kyuhyun Ryeowook Yesung were so amazing .. Professional and humble ….

Yesung had a big black ribbon on his neck instead of tie today at the beginning

The topic of christmas Kyu&Wook;
KH:plz tell your episode about christmas, Ryeowook? |
RW:I always had…(He was going to talk the same topic as yesterday)
YS:we expect particular one, Ryeowook..
RW:haha..I always had schedule every christmas.
YS:Um…how about Kyuhyun?
KH:When I was before debut, I went to watch the concert. I was so happy to see it on my return way.
so you guys who are going to attend KRY concert on christmas must be happy!
YOU ARE LUCKEY(speaking in Japanese)
YS:Hey, didnt you say you had drankn with sad mood after that concert?
KH:Hey, I was under 20 years old at that time,How was I able to drink alchol?
YS:I see I see you might drink water.”

YS:I have one more thing want to say,seriously. everyone keeps silence… YS:”Do you love me?” in Japanese. everyone laughed.

RW stopped singing and make a sweet smile intentionally,it tempted everyone, YS imitated it, but looked just funny.

After encore, they appeared from the back of curtain with funny poseing like Charlie’s Angels kk

YS:I think listing to new song in concert is good,but listning to it with CD is also good.u can find another taste./promoting kk

RW:we want ppl, even who isnt ELF, to listen to new single. how it gonna be nice if we can hear new song everywhere in the town.
KH:we won’t care about “oricon” chart….but if it is ranked 1st….its also fine to us…..kkk
YS:I dont care about “oricon” at all! dont want to get fans under pressur.When I’m bored,I might check a rank on the web though.

YS:I cant believe the artist , who will sing full new song before sale, exists in this world.

YS:I am wondering why they dont sell it right now even we finished recording.there is still 2 months more.I think we can…

Make more CDs n do something between concerts. KH:you seem to have complaints for company? YS:NO!I love you~(to CEO?)

KRY were so humble …..they really appreciates for fans supports. Im impressed when they hugged eachother at the END…


by @wwmisa
posted by ana for CloudsINA


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