[Fanaccount] 130104 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 3)



by captainchubykyu
Source: captainchubykyu.tumblr.com

130104 Mouse Rabbit Fan Account of Yesung and Jongjin. (we didn’t see Zhoumi O__o)

We went in not knowing Yesung was there, so we ordered our drinks first before taking a seat. Mobbit was really empty at that time so we went upstairs to find seats but it was too hot up there >< so we went downstairs to the rabbit hole. I walked in first and looked into a little room..? well, behind a wall, and saw a table full of guys. Was wondering why guys would hang out at Mobbit and i didn’t wanna sit next to them so we took seats in a little corner.

Nova went to the bathroom and while she was there, i was checking the internet for information about SuJu, then i turned around, and saw Yesung at the table of guys (Jongjin and friends) >< shocking…

So Nova comes back and i make her swear to not squeak or scream, and i tell her Yesung is sitting right there. i think we sat there for awhile not knowing what to do, then Yesung leaves his seat and walks out of the rabbit hole. I went up first to see what was going on, and he was at the cashier.(duh!) i took some photos and watched him for awhile, then i went back down and Nova went up.

After a few minutes i went back up with his present and some money. i didn’t go into the queue right away though, i stood by the side to take pictures. When i take photos, my shitty old camera makes really loud clicking noises… because of that, Yesung looked in my direction and said to stop clicking. I couldn’t hear what he said exactly, but he wanted me to stop and i did! right away! >< i feel really bad and guilty and i apologized but i don’t know if he got that…

Anyway.. then i joined the queue and when i got up to him, the first thing i said was “sorry”… and then i awkwardly ordered my drink and paid. He passed me the receipt and the beeper thing, so i felt his hand a little bit.. very soft and smooth >< then i think i passed him his present at this point. He takes presents and passes them to another worker to put at the side first, while he’s working.

So we go downstairs again with our drinks and, in shock. After awhile Yesung came back downstairs. He walked past our table and i guess he saw my guilty/ in-shock face.. and he sat back down at his table, but on the other side this time. So he was across from Nova now.

We sat there for about two hours, watching Yesung try on Whystyle glasses and chatting with his friends and family. He is so cute with glasses on, and when he smiles or grins, he just looks like the definition of perfection.

Then Yesung leaves to go cashier again, and we finally get out of our seats. We pack up our stuff and go upstairs to see him again, but it was so crowded and the line went up to the second floor. We had our tray of 6 drinks to put away, but we made way for some other girls so we were stuck on the rabbit hole staircase with the tray. Then sweet Jongjin came up to us and took our tray away. ^^ aww ❤

Fans were standing on the staircase to take photos, so we had no space to walk up, and again, Jongjin came and cleared the way, politely asking the fans to move to the sides and not block others. He is such a sweetie! We did go up intending to join the queue but we figured it would be a super long wait, and we already stared at Yesung for two hours, so we left~

Then we came home to hear that Yesung got angry and checked the fans’ cameras >< don’t know how true it is, but i’m glad we didn’t see or cause that.

Please don’t make the same mistake i did with the camera! You do NOT want to get Yesung irritated or angry. You won’t feel good, and neither will he. Please be considerate when you go to Mouse Rabbit. Yesung and his family are very very kind and tolerant of everyone and they wouldn’t scold anyone even if they were annoyed. So be considerate and conscious please!!


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2 thoughts on “[Fanaccount] 130104 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 3)

  1. baca dari bbrp fanacct si Zhoumi dtg brg geng cewek2nya, gk tau brp org. sebelum prg doi nyapa oppa ma Yemum sopan bgt katanya 🙂

    foto pake flash light pas dpan org yg mo kt foto mang gak sopan, bikin mata sakit, palagi pasti banyak tuh yg mo ngambil ngambar Ye oppa, bukan cuma oppa aja yg gak suka … kt jg pastinya kan

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