[Fanaccount] 130104 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 2)

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by kkoming
Source: kkoming @ tumblr 


Kayli and her father and I went to have lunch with a friend of Kayli’s father. It was very nice and amazing and I will write about that some other time (but wow korean food is shmancy omg). After that we went to his house, and then we were going to go to Tour Les Jours. We had trouble finding it though, so Kayli and I decided to just go to Mouse Rabbit by ourselves.

We got there at abouttt 7:30… i think? We ordrered our drinks first and then went to the rabbit hole. We took seats in a corner and there’s this wall separating the main room from this room with tables off to the side. i went back upstairs to fix my makeup (yes, i know.. makeup is very important to me) and when i got back to our table is when kayli made me promise not to scream or squeal, because yesung was in the side room….

i thought she was lying at first LOL but then i looked up and he was um… right across from me (ten feet away ofc) ;A; and he is just… handsome and adorable and… SO blonde omg…. and i did not scream or squeal…..  but he was facing the wall so i only saw his face when he turned to the side

after a while he got up and left his coffee or w/e at the table and went up to cashier. kayli went up first to scout/take pictures and when she came back i got up and took my purse (with camera) and got in line….

i took some pictures but i was staring at him most of the time in awe and shaking and trying not to lose it lol ;///; and he seemed in an ~okay mood. he wasnt super chatty and he didn’t look particularly enthusiastic but he definitely wasnt in a bad mood at that point. the only thing is as i got closer (not that close though, like a good ways away) he caught my eye for a second while scanning the crowd and i felt guilty and just shoved my camera away because i don’t want to be like that idk idk idk… so please don’t be disappointed i don’t have many pix >_<

when i finally got up to him our conversation went like this

Yesung: -smiles-

Me: A-annyeonghaseygfndslvgf…. hi

Yesung: Hello -smiles expectantly-

Me: Um… green tea?

Yesung: Latte?

Me: Green tea….

Yesung: -blinks- …latte?

Me: Yes, latte.

Yesung: Okay

Me: Um, tumbler..? Mug? -points to mugs to explain what im talking about-

Yesung: -shakes his head because there are none-

Me: Ah, okay.. just the green tea!!

Yesung: -nods and types it in- ..where are you from?

Me: -squeaks- huh?

Yesung: Where are you from..?

Me: Oh. New York…

Yesung: -nod nod- New York

(then he mumbled something i didn’t catch)

Then I paid and when he was giving me my receipt i was shaking so he had to hold my hand so i couldn’t drop the change his hands are so soft i wanted to die….

Me: S-sorry..

Yesung: -smiles and nods-

I went to wait to pick up my order just staring and when i got it i like… i don’t remember i was saying something to Kayli and i tipped my drink over and it was green and it got all over my sleeve i am such an idiot but I don’t think Yesung saw… and we went back down to our table. I was already badly freaking out and Kayli handed me some wet wipes to clean my scarf and sleeve so there i am all green and latte’d up…. and suddenly he comes back downstairs and sees me cleaning my scarf as he walked by and wow that was embarrassing mdfsl;mgkfdls;cgmfdk???

this time though he sat facing towards the main room so..  i was basically in the only seat where you could see him directly without turning around…….  and he sat in there for like two hours talking with jongjin and his father and friends about whystyle stuff ;___ ;

i was really well behaved and tried not to stare too much but i guess because i was directly in his line of vision and because i’m a foreigner he looked at me three or four times………./explodes

they were discussing whystyle stuff tho cos on the table there were different bags with glasses in them and he kept trying on different ones (SO FREAKING CUTE OMG…) and he was reading a glasses catalogue i think???

when he smiles i don’t even know i just… died ; ; and he only laughed a few times and when he did he was very quiet…. but his face was just… omg )’: he is the most beautiful person i’ve ever ever seen. his socks were orange!!!!!!! SO CUTE GFDJKGL;MDFKSVLGFD.

some times though he got upset ): like fans would come up behind where i was sitting or next to me in the archway that separated the rooms where there are no tables and just stared at him, or they tried to take pictures, and it was really really rude. at one point he stopped what he was looking and glared at them really hard, even i got freaked out /: i guess that’s when his mood went downhill?

there was also at some point jongjin came out to talk to some of the fans there idk what he was saying but i was looking up at jj (who is SO cute by the way) when he was walking back in and then as i looked down is one of the times yesung was looking at me and i’m sure it was only for a second because im just a nothing but i looked away because gmfdkls;gfd i can’t handle that ;__ ;

he sits SO fucking cute btw omfg. and while people were talking at his table, regardless that i have no idea what they were saying (obviously) i hardly heard him say anything at all! like he is really really quiet…

after about two hours (during which kayli and i were very well behaved not being noisy and not oggling him obnoxiously and we bought like six drinks so we weren’t just taking up space (after having a huge lunch.. we aren’t going to eat for a week probably LOL) and yesung’s super adorable mother came downstairs went went into the room. i don’t actually remember if she brought drinks or took drinks or anything lmao… but i’m assuming she told yeye about the chaos of people waiting for him upstairs, because that’s when he went upstairs and went to cashier again. i guess this was about like, 10:45 or 10:50??? not sure

kayli had gone up a few times before this and saw the chaotic situation soooo we weren’t sure if we should just leave or get in line again. we came up with our tray and empty drinks and jj saw us and took the tray very sweetly helping us bc we had no idea what to do with it lol. the line for the cashier went all the way upstairs so kayli and i were trying to go upstairs but there was too much of a crowd.. jj saw me pointing *up up* to kayli though and i guess he understood without us asking and he started clearing the way on the stairs. when we got upstairs though the line was just too long and we had had such good luck already so.. we ended up just leaving at about eleven. last i saw yeye he had the last pair of glasses he had tried on at the table and he looked precious but i didn’t really have the heart to take a picture ; ; i’m sorry!

we got to the hotel without getting lost thank GOD. but that’s when we found out that he got upset after we left /: i’m glad that we left before he got upset because i don’t wan to be a part of anything that upsets him… but i wish fans knew how to behave and be respectful /:

did i write about yesung enough??? just from seeing him today, idk.. he is so different? like when people write fan accounts it sounds like a completely different yeye from today. when i talked to him he was very soft spoken and calm and sounded thoughtful when i said from new york and ofc he was very patient… he is so gorgeous in person.. his hair is more white than blonde to be honest?? and his skin is so nice and his eyes are beautiful and he is beautiful and i still can’t believe it ah ;__ ; i could listen to his voice forever.

so that is my fan account… and today is my happiest day, even if it wasn’t as special as what happens when some fans meet him, i’m just so grateful i did…


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