[Fanaccount] 130105 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 2)




by kkoming
Source: kkoming @ tumblr 



Today Kayli and I went into Myeongdong by ourselves! We did a lot of shopping. I will tell you about all the shopping but not right now because Mobit is more important.

We went to KStory (for the second time today) so I could write out my long as heck letter to Yeye to go with his presents that my amazing friend Yujin translated for me. We had finished shopping by then and planned to go to Mouse Rabbit later to drop off the presents.. so once I finished (at like six) we left for MoBit.

Once again i didn’t think he would be there because today would be the third day in a row he would be going……….

So Kayli and I went downstairs in the rabbit hole and took a seat at a table. At some point Yeye’s mother came downstairs and kind of like… looked up to something??? But I still didn’t think he was coming at that point.

We didn’t even know when Yesung had gotten there LMAO. Bethany tweeted to Kayli t 8:43 that he was upstairs and that’s how we found out…..

Kayli and I went upstairs together and there he was and he looked so cute. ; ; I had forgotten my camera but I opted to be a dork and wear my whystyle glasses I bought today… and I brought the presents to give to him, finally (: !

When I got up to the cashier it was um kind of just this:

Yesung: -expectant look-

Me: Hi…. um, caramel machiatto ?

Yesung: -types in in-

Me: Oppa… seonmul… -holds out bag-

Yesung: Oh -somewhat surprised look- Kamsahamnida.

He wandered away for a second to give the bag to a girl working there so she could put it away, then came back and gave me my change and receipt and yeah.. I was just so glad to give him the present fmkdl;gdsgf ; ; Mission accomplished! I couldn’t tell if he recognized me from yesterday though lol

And i took a few pictures while i was waiting for my drink but not too many because I have found out that.. taking pictures of him while he’s working makes me feel really uncomfortable >_< /weird idk

I went back downstairs and ummm i don’t really remember I was just really happy about the present… um… don’t remember what Kayli and i did when she came back down… but at some point I decided to go up (again) OTL

This time he didn’t say anything to me lmao I just went to order blue lemonade for Kayli (because i wanted to see him again, because she didn’t want to waste money on lemonade… lol) I was really disappointed for a while because that’s when I got all… oh god.. he probably doesn’t like me he didn’t say anything this sucks omg…

Around ~11:00 i think is when Kayli and I decided to take initiative and talk to him properly LOL. The line was really short, i hardly had time to think of what to say >///< But when I got up to the register it went like this and this is why I am so happy (and sad) right now:

Me: Hi…

Yesung: -expression like “ah… you have returned”-

Me: Green tea latte? (the evil green drink i spilled last time OTL)

Yesung nodded and typed it into the register.

Me (speaking slowly): Oppa, did you like New York..?

Yesung: (thoughtful for a second) Yes. New York Nix.

Then he started listing off the names of basketball players and this is when I was at a loss of what to say because I had no idea who any of them were. According to Kayli we were staring at each other blankly for a long enough time that it was noticeable (oh my god??????) because I was so lost…

Yesung: Basketball playuh….

Me: more blank staring

Yesung: 몰라요? (You don’t know?)

Me: Oh no, i like soccer..

(and according to Kayli i giggled when I said this which i do not personally remember but wow that is embarrassingfdjskv;gdmsl;cgd)

Yesung: (DRAMATICALLY) Ohhh MYYYY goddd…  (typing into the register again)

Me: Will you go back to New York..

Yesung: ???

Me: …again?

Yesung: (shaking his head and kind of frowning) I’m army man.

Me:  Oh… we’ll miss you!

Yesung: ?

Me: We’ll miss you………

Kayli and Jongjin (who was behind yesung the whole time apparently and I didn’t even notice) explaining to him: Bogoshippuh

After that Yesung made a kind of knowing look and nodded ; ; Then I got my receipt and went to wait for my order and basically scurried away trying not to cry >//<

Um.. yeah. Kayli ordered after me and we went to our seats really pleased that he was in a good mood, even though I’m sad that he mentioned the army ; ; And after yesterday and the gift and today…. wow I don’t even know.

Of course he’s beautiful but I told you guys that before…

His voice was even nicer hearing it a second day ):

I really hope I can see him again before we leave next week. Even if it’s just to order another Green Tea Latte from him… I don’t really have the words to explain. He’s really deserving of all the love in the world… and I’m going to miss him so much ):

(and i basically got to tell my bias i was going to miss him??? holy oh my god???? oh my god…)

Kayli and I left a little after eleven because we had to catch the subway before 12 and he was gone from the register by then. Hope he went home early to sleep ; ;

~fin (and i’m sorry this is kind of messy and not as exciting as yesterday)~



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  1. Army hoaaaahhh okay… No yeah

  2. ga ngerti bghsa inggris 😀

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