[Instagram Update] 140724 Kim Jongjin: Eating Ramyun with Donghae… Yesung??

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BtVkDhkCQAAWVDl“kjjzz87: 비오는 야밤에 형이랑 라면 흡입. 내 표정 어쩔… photo by



“kjjzz87: Eating ramyun on a rainy night with #Donghae Hyung. What’s wrong with my expression… photo by#Yesung #Ramyun #Midnight #RainyNight #RainyNightAtMidnight http://t.co/Jl6gcpOSwL


“kjjzz87: Makan ramen di malam yg sedang hujan bersama abang #Donghae. Ada apa dengan ekspresiku… photo (diambil) oleh #Yesung #Ramen #TengahMalam #MalamYangSdgHujan #HujanTengahMalam http://t.co/Jl6gcpOSwL

Eng by : @donghaefrance

Bahasa by CloudsINA

posted by ana for CloudsINA

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