~English version~

Hi Clouds….

We Clouds Family will continue to support Yesung in many ways by holding some projects. We still do not know exactly what project we will hold, but we have a plan to make Clouds Savings in “Celengan Cinta Clouds” which will use as fund source for Yesung Projects^^

We sell many goodies related to Super Junior and of course Yesung. From Goods Selling, you’ll donate Rp 5.000 for each item you buy, and will use for “Clouds Savings” . Every little step we make in “Clouds Savings” , will be reported clearly as finance report in this blog ^^ to check all goods we sell, kindly check this link ^^


Clouds savings “Celengan Cinta Clouds” and “Koin Cinta Clouds” will be used to support Yesung in every concert in Indonesia, and also will be used for humanity and charity event. For charity event, we’ll hold such a big event like charity for Bhakti Luhur Foundation (for disability people) before ( http://cloudsfamily.wordpress.com/report/ ), or just little charity event for people in needs such donation for natural disasters victims, unlucky kids, blood donation, people who fight for the disease, even if there is ELF or Cloud who need our help..we’ll try to give our hand ^^ All documentations of the whole projects we do, we’ll be given to Yesung in one DVD by our friend who goes to Korea.

So please support us ^^ let”s do ”something” for humanity. Inspired from Yesung, let’s show the world that ELF especially Clouds are a precious fandom. Let’s unite as one hand to help each other^^

~Bahasa version~

Hi Clouds….

Kita Clouds Family ingin terus memberikan support ke Yesung melalui beberapa projects. Kita sebenarnya belum tahu pasti project apa yg akan direncanakan, akan tetapi kami berencana tuk membuat tabungan untuk clouds berupa  “Celengan Cinta Clouds” yang akan dijadikan modal untuk semua project yg berhubungan dengan Yesung ^^

Untuk itu, sebagai salah satu cara kami menjual beberapa goodies Super Junior termasuk Yesung. Melalui pembelian Goods, kamu telah mendonasikan uang sebesar Rp 5.000 untuk setiap item, dan hasilnya akan langsung masuk ke tabungan clouds . Setiap perkembangan dari Celengan Cinta Clouds ini akan selalu di update melalui blog berikut ini ^^


Tolong dukung kami ^^ mari buat sesuatu untuk kemanusian. Terinspirasi dari Yesung, tunjukan pada dunia kalo ELFs spesial Clouds adalah fandom paling luar biasa. Satukan tangan kita untuk membantu sesama^^


Clouds Family for Clouds Million Love Project

@INAloveyesung @CloudsINDONESIA @CloudsINA @FORWOON @Yesung_Cloud @YesungSJFacts @YesungCommunity @yesungADDICT & BFCI (Facebook)

contact me : anakimmy_

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