[Fanaccount] 130105 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 2)



by kkoming
Source: kkoming @ tumblr 



Today Kayli and I went into Myeongdong by ourselves! We did a lot of shopping. I will tell you about all the shopping but not right now because Mobit is more important.

We went to KStory (for the second time today) so I could write out my long as heck letter to Yeye to go with his presents that my amazing friend Yujin translated for me. We had finished shopping by then and planned to go to Mouse Rabbit later to drop off the presents.. so once I finished (at like six) we left for MoBit.

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[Fanaccount] 130105 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung Looks More Handsome!! (Part 1)


by @13elieveSG 

Hari ini dia tidak memakai penutup kepala! Akhirnya! lol. Dia pake kacamata dengan frame hitam.

Dia terlihat dalam kondisi baik! Tersenyum dgn manis ke ELF ^^

Semua anggota keluarga (KIM) ada disimi! YeDad terlihat cute berdiri di samping yesung tuk memastikan setiap pesanan haha

by Tee____ trans by: rei

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[Fanaccount] 130104 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 3)


by captainchubykyu
Source: captainchubykyu.tumblr.com

130104 Mouse Rabbit Fan Account of Yesung and Jongjin. (we didn’t see Zhoumi O__o)

We went in not knowing Yesung was there, so we ordered our drinks first before taking a seat. Mobbit was really empty at that time so we went upstairs to find seats but it was too hot up there >< so we went downstairs to the rabbit hole. I walked in first and looked into a little room..? well, behind a wall, and saw a table full of guys. Was wondering why guys would hang out at Mobbit and i didn’t wanna sit next to them so we took seats in a little corner.

Nova went to the bathroom and while she was there, i was checking the internet for information about SuJu, then i turned around, and saw Yesung at the table of guys (Jongjin and friends) >< shocking…

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[Fanaccount] 130104 Mouse Rabbit – Yesung (Part 2)

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by kkoming
Source: kkoming @ tumblr 


Kayli and her father and I went to have lunch with a friend of Kayli’s father. It was very nice and amazing and I will write about that some other time (but wow korean food is shmancy omg). After that we went to his house, and then we were going to go to Tour Les Jours. We had trouble finding it though, so Kayli and I decided to just go to Mouse Rabbit by ourselves.

We got there at abouttt 7:30… i think? We ordrered our drinks first and then went to the rabbit hole. We took seats in a corner and there’s this wall separating the main room from this room with tables off to the side. i went back upstairs to fix my makeup (yes, i know.. makeup is very important to me) and when i got back to our table is when kayli made me promise not to scream or squeal, because yesung was in the side room….

i thought she was lying at first LOL but then i looked up and he was um… right across from me (ten feet away ofc) ;A; and he is just… handsome and adorable and… SO blonde omg…. and i did not scream or squeal…..  but he was facing the wall so i only saw his face when he turned to the side

after a while he got up and left his coffee or w/e at the table and went up to cashier. kayli went up first to scout/take pictures and when she came back i got up and took my purse (with camera) and got in line….

i took some pictures but i was staring at him most of the time in awe and shaking and trying not to lose it lol ;///; and he seemed in an ~okay mood. he wasnt super chatty and he didn’t look particularly enthusiastic but he definitely wasnt in a bad mood at that point. the only thing is as i got closer (not that close though, like a good ways away) he caught my eye for a second while scanning the crowd and i felt guilty and just shoved my camera away because i don’t want to be like that idk idk idk… so please don’t be disappointed i don’t have many pix >_<

when i finally got up to him our conversation went like this

Yesung: -smiles-

Me: A-annyeonghaseygfndslvgf…. hi

Yesung: Hello -smiles expectantly-

Me: Um… green tea?

Yesung: Latte?

Me: Green tea….

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