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**Puncak penghargaan untuk Album Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single**

VOTE SJ ON GDA – MSN Southeast Asia Award 2012



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Meskipun penilaian utama dilihat dari tingkat penjualan SFS Album ver.A (yang utama) tapi setidaknya kita sebagai ELF sudah memberikan waktu sejenak untuk vote,, paling hanya 5 menit aja kok!

Biarkan senyum ini kembali merekah ^^


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120912 Super Junior ‘Long-Term Idol Stars”

Who knew that Super Junior will become the main representative K-Pop? When the 13 member idol group first debuted, there weren’t very many people who believed Super Junior would succeed. They received a lot of media coverage just because of the fact that they were a group from SM Entertainment. However, there were too many of them in a single group and most of them were pretty old to be idol group members. Some even thought that they were just a group of random trainees who were thrown into the sharks as a test. Even their name, Super Junior seemed to lack in originality.

Regardless of those doubts, these men fought through the laughter and became the best male idol group of K-Pop. Like all idol groups that debut, Super Junior experienced a lot of hardships but made it through strong without any serious problems. Even though they received a lot of help from SM Entertainment, the efforts of each member was the greatest factor in their success. To find out about their secret to success, the members of Super Junior were interviewed.

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